I am Peter Johnson, a Cheshire pensioner who faces financial ruin, the loss of my home and a lengthy jail sentence. All this came about simply because I carried out what HM. Government advised me to do, in order to defend and prevent my property from Flooding!

Since that time the corrupt ‘Council from Hell’, Cheshire West and Chester Council, (formerly the Chester City Council) has pursued what amounts to a personal vendetta against me for the last eleven years.

In fact their gross maladministration has caused me to lose everything I have accumulated in my lifetime.

The following video is “my final statement” which is in effect Chapter 5 of the “Heron Lodge Saga

Peter Johnson

I conclude this final statement with:

All of the following individuals know that their respective government departments have failed either to act or correct their erroneous acts, but instead prefer to “sit on their hands” and do nothing, after collectively wasting over a £1M of taxpayers money…!

Each and everyone have failed in office and failed in their performance of their elected or appointed responsibility, having been sent all of the evidence of breaches in protocol – gross incompetence – wrong doing – connivance – corruption – deliberate misuse of “power of office” – criminal acts of perverting the course of justice – breaches in a House of Lords ruling; along with a full resume’ of the breaches in my Human Rights :-

David Cameron   –   Nick Clegg   –   Kenneth Clarke   –   Eric Pickles  –   (and their predecessors over the past 9 years) Stephen O’Brien MP   –   Steve Robinson the CEO and other senior members of the executive of Cheshire West and Chester Council   –  plus the entire 72 member body of “elected councillors”; which includes Mike Jones the Leader of the Council, John Ebo the Chairman and  Andrew Dawson chairman of the Standards and Scrutiny Committee. The former authority’s Senior Planning/ Development officer Mr Andy Farrell was in total connivance and instrumental in his complicit actions. The solicitor Charles Kerry of the former authority Chester City Council breached his professional oath along with his duly qualified assistant solicitor lady at that juncture, in knowing and or condoning what illegal actions were underway “on their watch”.

The solicitor officer Nigel James of the CPS Chester Office, also failed to act on the evidence of the illegal acts, offering puny un-qualifiable excuses. Two ombudsman authorities have acted in cowardice and given puny excuses for none attendance in their responses to repeated requests for action.

At least 5 members of the judiciary, haven’t just “sat on their hands” they have been clearly complicit in their actions of denial of true access, to real justice and failing to challenge unfair limitations in the face of the clear and conclusive documentary evidence.

The amount of repeated continual correspondence from me to all of the main players above, over what is now almost a twelve-year period, that has been in the main unanswered, is in itself shameful, but more importantly it is indicative of guilt and connivance, in my view.

When all of this concluding information is viewed against a pure fact that it has supposedly gone on over mere “flood defence of my property” which is my right, no matter what statute you consult; you cannot think anything other than what on earth has really been afoot..